Can You Identify The Signs of Burnout?

Can You Identify The Signs of Burnout?
Can You Identify The Signs of Burnout?

Burned out employees are 2.6x more likely to be looking for another job - Gallup Research

The effect on businesses ...
According to researchers, businesses are facing record levels of employee burnout. In 2019, burned-out employees were 63% more likely to take a sick day. Researchers estimate that workplace stress accounts for 8% of the US national healthcare budget. Businesses need to recognise the signs, to avoid paying the high price of burned-out staff.

How to identify burnout ...
Increased levels of cynicism, missing deadlines more often, phrases indicating acceptance of an intolerable state (“it’s the way things are,” and “working with them is like hitting your head against the wall”) and negative coping tactics like adopting unhealthy eating and drinking habits are some of the signs to watch out for.

How to remedy burnout?

Avoiding organisational burnout is easier than bouncing back from it. Stop and reflect on what pressures colleagues are facing. Promote perspective-taking. Combat the culture of immediacy. Promoting a healthy work-life balance. Knowing your employees well will help you find ways to take the pressure off them. A simple gift from our Healing Vibes collection, personalised with a message of support could be a physical symbol of this new relationship with work.

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