The Art of Gifting

The Art of Gifting
The Art of Gifting

Good gift giving is an art. The perfect present can lift the spirits and improve a relationship in moments. It can repair a shaky friendship, smooth over a rough patch or simply remind a loved one that you care.

People need people: it’s a fact. We form friendships with others as a natural part of human development and gift giving can play a key part in helping to foster those relationships and create stronger bonds. Birthdays, seasonal holidays, weddings and all manner of celebratory occasions allow us all to share and give, and this in turn reinforces those friendships. It’s been a challenging year with the global pandemic keeping us away from loved ones, perhaps it has never been more important to take some time out to think of a special friend or family member and send a gift to say hello, I am thinking of you. Whatever the reason 2021 is a time to do just that …

3 top gifting tips:

  • Choose a present that recipients would purchase for themselves. It is kind and thoughtful to ensure your gift is appropriate.
  • Spending on others actually promotes a sense of wellbeing and happiness in both the giver and recipient. It’s good to give.
  • Be mindful of all the finishing touches that make a gift special. Beautifully encased in bountiful tissue and wrapping paper, a personal gift card and most important of all - perfect timing.