Q&A with Gifts by Mint Founder, Gordon MacGeachy

Q&A with Gifts by Mint Founder, Gordon MacGeachy
Q&A with Gifts by Mint Founder, Gordon MacGeachy

The luxury gifting company Gifts by Mint’s Founder shares his thoughts for a kinder, caring life after the pandemic …

Q: Where does your inspiration come from and what are your influences?
A: I’ve always been one of those people who take care of other people, and I think my inspiration started a long time ago when I was told that something wasn’t possible, and I decided that there had to be a way. I stuck with it and found a solution. Ever since then I’ve always loved a challenge, and that has made working for the clients I have worked with a sometimes difficult, but always very satisfying experience.

Q: Best advice you have ever received?
A: “Listen and learn from others.”

Q: What would you say to your younger self?
A: Don’t change a thing, except that you should listen more and try to learn from others.

Q: Can you give us a top tip on working effectively from home?
A; It has to be centred in a routine. If you don’t have one, create one. If you do have one, do your best to stay with it.


Gordon Macgeachy, Founder - GiftsByMint.com


Q: Your favourite time of day?
A: It has to be G&T time around 5pm every day. Whether it’s cocktail time or not, it’s the time when I usually sit down with others and reflect on the day just passed, and what will be happening tomorrow and the week ahead. It’s important to have those times to relax and take time to think things through, what better than a Gin cocktail to help …

Q: What do you do for relaxation?
A: I love to exercise as it clears my head and keep me fit. I jog and spin to burn calories, and yoga keeps me calm and well stretched, especially as I age. Meditation was something my best friend Denise introduced me to in LA, and while I found it difficult at first, it has made a difference to the quality of my life. Namaste.

Q: Top 5 music tracks to inspire creativity?

Promises by Basia
The Best by Tina Turner
Africa by Toto
Tiny Dancer by Elton John
Violin Concerto No 1 in G Minor by Max Bruch