Ally Candles – the luxury candle company with a powerful legacy at its heart ...

Ally Candles – the luxury candle company with a powerful legacy at its heart ...
Ally Candles – the luxury candle company with a powerful legacy at its heart ...

Ally Candles Founder, Nadia Pomfret, explains why she set up her company, why her candles are so special and how her business is helping to leave a positive legacy …

Q: Who is Ally Candles?
A: A young brand dedicated to delighting customers by creating wonderful, nature- friendly, luxury candles.

Q: What inspired you to launch a candle brand?
A: As a customer, I’ve always loved candles; my home has always been filled with them.  I got into making candles as a form of therapy after my 17 year old son, Ally, died three years ago.  I became absorbed by the art and science of candle making.  I didn’t set out to be a brand though; I was just doing something to help me deal with an intensely difficult time.

Q: There are quite a few candle brands out there, so why choose Ally Candles?
A: I’m very focused on creating a great product.  I am always striving to achieve a quality of product normally found only at much higher price points.  I wanted a contemporary looking product that would enhance your home, deliver an elegant scent that is consistent, natural and subtle.  The added element is that an Ally candle gives a clean and even burn and an evergreen scent, which enhances a space.

Q: So, how do you achieve this quality?
A: We use the highest standard raw materials and continually experiment and test.   The superior blend of natural soy wax and coconut wax and 100% cotton wicks ensures the even burn and our fragrance oils are sourced from leading international fragrance houses.  It takes time and patience to achieve the correct balance between the different elements. 

Q: You describe your candles as “nature friendly.” What do you mean?
A: Ally Candles use raw materials that are not tested on animals; they are vegan and free from animal derivatives and parabens.

Q: Earlier you said you didn’t set out to launch a candle brand so why did you?
A: I had such a great reaction to my candles I realised that I could use them as a vehicle to do some good on behalf of Ally.  Because he died from Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome, an undiagnosed heart condition, and because at least 12 young people a week die in similar circumstances, 10% of the value of each candle will be donated to Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY), a charity dedicated to eliminating the tragedy of young sudden cardiac death.

Q: So, people should buy an Ally Candle because by doing so they will give to a good cause?
A: Yes…! I want people to buy an Ally Candle because they are genuinely lovely candles.  That by doing so they will be contributing to a good cause is a valuable bonus!


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