It’s a wrap

It’s a wrap
It’s a wrap

Of course not all your gifts will be courtesy of Gifts by Mint but nevertheless, beautiful gift-wrapping always raises the spirits and gives a greater sense of wellbeing.  It’s thrilling to give a gift that is enrobed in glamour and sophisticated sparkles and equally, it is a delight to receive a gift, which simply takes your breath away …

Even a small token of appreciation is made more meaningful when it is perfectly presented.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas …

Christmas presents a great opportunity for truly creative gift-wrapping.  Whatever approach you take is up to you, but consideration of the recipient’s tastes will always hit the spot. 

Today, we think about sustainability in our lives, so look to re-use gift trims that you received last year and rework them into your new gift-wrapping.  Hollywood actress, Michele Pfeifer has proclaimed this year that she has wrapped all her presents with vintage fabric, it’s such a clever idea and one we can all look to adopt very easily.  We surely all have some fabric pieces we can use?  Layer the look by raiding your sewing box, use wired ribbon, coloured cotton string, rickrack, buttons, beads and more to add those finishing touches to your gift wrap.  Even gift trim received from previous years will work beautifully. Now that’s a green circle!

But if you want to give something truly special and new this year – then look no further than our favourite ‘haberdasher to the stars’, VV Rouleaux, based in London’s Marylebone. They have an inspiring kaleidoscope of ideas, so it’s worth a trip to this corner of London to discover sublime decorative ideas and products.

Whatever you decide enjoy the process of wrapping presents and gifts, it’s all part of the fun and joy of the countdown to Christmas …